The dick with the stickThere is a m0st unusual race taking place in Dedham, a town near Boston, Massachusetts, on Sunday 27th. It is a 10 km race mainly for fun and raising money for charity. This year, its 30th, it has some serious runners as it is part of the USA Masters Championships series. Whether for fun or serious, all of the runners will be treated to the works and words of James Joyce as they run. A number of volunteers, suitably costumed, will be reading at the roadside from all of Joyce’ works. The runners applaud these reading spectators

It was the brainchild of James Joyce fan Martin Casimir Hanley, of Irish heritage,  who was struggling through “Finnegans Wake” when the thought occurred to him that this literary task was as tough as training for a race.

If you are struggling through Joyce and do not want to run, you can join me instead for a “Walk with Leopold”