There will be a re- enactment of a street riot in Dublin this Saturday, Aug 31st. It is part of the 1913 Dublin Lockout commemorations. The re-enactment of a police baton charge on  crowds who had gathered to hear Jim Larkin speak in O’Connell St. on Sunday August 31st 1913. More than 300 people were injured in the ensuing chaos and the event became known in Irish history as Bloody Sunday. There were to be at least 2 more Bloody Sundays in Irish history, each more horrifying than the previous.

As well as the “riot”, spectators will hear actors Brian Murray and Ger O’Leary. Murray will be reading from Strumpet City and O’Leary will be giving a speech of Jim Larkin. See Ger reading a Larkin speech here

The events will start at 12.15 with the arrival of President Higgins at 12.30. The street will be closed to traffic but otherwise open to business.‎