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“Welcome to Darcy's Dublin Walks - Private Walking Tours of Dublin City”

There is no better way to see and hear about any city other than by walking it.

Walk With Leopold

Walk with Leopold Bloom

Leopold Bloom is the central character in James Joyce’s great novel of Dublin, Ulysses. Ulysses is about a day in the lives of Dubliners and takes place on the 16th June 1904. June 16th is now known as Bloomsday.

You do not have to wait till Bloomsday to follow in his footsteps. Walk with me along the route Bloom followed in Chapter 8. The route is marked with 13 bronze engravings in the pavements. Bloom’s journey took him from O’Connell Street to the National Library via Westmoreland Street, Grafton Street, Duke Street and Molesworth Street.

Georgian Walk

Merrion Square is an elegant Georgian square surrounding a lovely public park, laid out in the 18th century.

Amongst the former inhabitants of Merrion Square are Oscar Wilde, Daniel O’Connell, physicist Erwin Schrodinger, Irish-American sculptor Andrew O’Connor and William Butler Yeats.

On the west side of the square is the National Art Gallery and Leinster House, home of the Dail, the Irish Parliament.

Lincoln Place is the location of Sweny’s Chemist shop, immortalised in James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Medieval Walk

This walk focuses on the medieval history of Dublin.

First constructed in the early 13th century and in continuous occupation since its establishment, Dublin Castle has played a prominent role in Ireland’s history. The Castle was the administrative centre of English and British rule throughout Ireland’s turbulent history.  It was the official residence of the English monarch’s Justiciars, Chief Lieutenants, Lord Lieutenants and latterly Viceroys, and also visiting English or British monarchs.  It was a dungeon for state prisoners and was also the seat of Parliament before Parliament House was built on College Green.

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